EyeSeeTec was founded in 2013. The core group of EyeSeeTec originated from a research group working in the Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University led by Prof. Dr. Erich Schneider from 2004-2014. The group was dedicated to eye tracking and eye tracking applications for research and medical purposes.

EyeSeeTec concentrates the knowledge of a decade of research into its current technology.

For a (incomplete) list of publications with EyeSeeCam, see PubMed

One outstanding research tool developed by the research group is the gaze-driven EyeSeeCam. It is able to track the eye movements and simultaneously steer a moveable camera in the direction of the gaze of its wearer. Thus is records the retinal content of the wearer.  The gaze-driven EyeSeeCam won the robo days award 2008.

Unfortunately, the gaze-driven EyeSeeCam is not available for sale.

An application of the gaze-driven EyeSeeCam in a real-world visual search study (open access article) with colorblinds searching for berry-like objects can be found here: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

More videos see here: